Friso Roorda introduction



Friso has a broad international working experience and started his automotive career working for car importers as a business management consultant, dealer account manager and sales manager. In between Friso also worked for a DMS supplier as a project manager. Before automotive, Friso was a retail consultant for retailers in slow-moving goods.

In 2001 Friso decided to work as an independent consultant and has been succesful on many projects.

Fields of expertise:

  • Financial
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Automation strategy
  • Car dealer workshop efficiency
  • Business Development (national and European)
  • Franchise (in the different European countries with their different legislation) and Franchise development
  • Organisation improvement
  • Interim Management

Friso has a broad network within national and international car import companies, manufacturers, dealers, press, independant repairshops, chains, bodywork chains and companies periferal to the automotive.

He is able to use his competences to achieve the maximum results in any project.

Friso likes to contribute to his community and does this by being a city council member for the Dutch liberal (compared to Republican) party VVD.

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